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Keynote Speakers

Prof Hilary Nesi

Professor in English Language
English and Languages
Faculty of Business, Environment and Society
Coventry University, UK


Abstract: Thirty years of user studies– and what we still need to find out 
The main – perhaps the only – reason for investigating dictionary use is in order to improve users’ consultation methods, and to meet more closely their consultation needs. Full Details


Prof Sue Ellen Wright

Institute for Applied Linguistics
Kent State University, USA
Terminology Committee Chair
American Translators Association 


Abstract: Communities of Practice: Convergence and divergence in terminology and lexicography practice
Traditional discussion of terminology and terminology management has focused on discourse or “language-purposed” terminology resources designed to support writing, translating, and interpreting. Full Details    PPT file


Prof CHAN Sin-wai

Department of Translation
The Chinese University of Hong Kong 


Abstract: A New Format and a New Concept in Bilingual Lexicography: Reflections on the Making of A Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary
This paper is a reflection on the compilation of my newly published dictionary entitled A Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary, which focuses on the holism and interconnectedness of dictionary entries. Full Details

Prof Hsieh Shu-kai

Graduate Institute of Linguistics
National Taiwan University


Abstract: The Secrete of Long-Living Words: Predicting the lexical age of neologism with big data
In recent decades, massive and diverse textual data are increasingly available on the web, and in particular, the heavy use of social media has greatly prompted linguistic creativity and language change in a rapid way.  Full Details